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2006 Foals

British White Cattle

2006 Foals


"Prickly Pear's Pistachio"
Regel Jesse x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 4-15-06
Height: 20"
      Our first foal of the season is a very beautiful silver tovero filly. She has high white stockings on her front legs, socks on her back legs, a snip, & unique pinto markings on each side. This pretty girl is leggy and refined! She will be for sale.


"Prickly Pear's Hazelnut"
Dundees Sugar Baby x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 4-20-06
Height: 21"
        Our second foal is a silver bay pinto filly with one blue eye. This girl is extremely leggy and refined, just like her dam. She has excellent bloodlines and will be one flashy, colorful filly! She will be for sale.


"Prickly Pear's Black Walnut"
Mini Hoofs Foxy Fanny x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 4-22-06
Height: 22"
      Our third foal is another filly! This girl is a gorgeous shiny black with mottling and striped hooves, she should spot out just like her appy sire. She's put together so nicely with an elegant conformation. She will be for sale as well.


"Prickly Pear's ???"
Sunrise Hill Farms Shooting Star x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 5-6-06
Height: 21.75"
Our last baby is a very handsome bay colt. He is a rich color with mottling all over, with his appy pedigree he is sure to spot out and will one good looking appy stud! He'll be for sale too.

2006 Autumn Babies
Cozy Corners Foxfire Splash x Exotic Hills Carmal

You made my whole being;
you formed me in my mother's body.
I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way.
What you have done is wonderful.
I know this very well.
                            Psalm 139:13-14