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British White Cattle

The horses below are all are AMHA registered only, unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to E-mail for pictures and more information. We will gladly take specific photos for you or send a short video. We are always open to reasonable offers and will do payments as well.
We are always updating our Sales page with new pictures so be sure and check back soon!


"Prickly Pear's Pistachio"
Regel Jesse x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 4-15-06
Height: 20"
     This dainty tovero filly has a beautiful small head and teacup muzzle. She has high white stockings on her front legs, socks on her back legs, a snip, & unique pinto markings on each side. Pistachio is leggy, refined, with excellent color breeding and bloodlines. $2500


"Prickly Pear's Plombagine"
Classy Cocoa Bean x Java
DOB 5-4-05
Height: 16"
     Plombagine measures only 23"and no, she's not a newborn, she's a full fledged yearling! She has great conformation, with good muscle structure, a dishy face, big eyes, and is very friendly. Put her in the ring and let her take home the ribbons in the small classes! She will mature under 28". This little girl is the cutest, tiniest little horse. Come out and see her in won't be disapointed! (Check out her tiny dam on our Mares page) She will be perfect for a breeder persuing the tiny, refined miniatures. $2900.


"Prickly Pear's Hazelnut"
Dundees Sugar Baby x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 4-20-06
Height: 21"
     Hazelnut is one refined, elegant pinto filly! She is silver bay with one blue eye and exsquisite markings. She is leggy, with a nice high tail set that looks good in the ring. Hazelnut's bloodlines are her, breed her, or do both. $2500 


"Prickly Pear's Toasted Almond"
Sunrise Hill Farms Shooting Star x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 5-6-06
Height: 21.75"
     Almond is a very handsome bay colt. He is a rich color with mottling all over and sclera. With his appy pedigree he is sure to spot out and will be one good looking appy stud...just take a look at his sister, Stella, on our Mares page. $1800  


"Prickly Pear's Black Walnut"
Mini Hoofs Foxy Fanny x AJX Buckeroos Bronco Billy
DOB: 4-22-06
Height: 22"
      Black Walnut is a sweet, leggy girl with dark blue eyes. This girl is a gorgeous shiny black with mottling and striped hooves so she should spot out just like her appy sire. She's nicely put together with an elegant conformation and wonderful trot. She is our friendliest foal! $2500


"Prickly Pear's Chapeau Rouge"
Rock Rivers Alibaba x Regel Jesse
D.O.B. 4-14-05
Height: 18"
     Chap is a handsome, refined medicine hat colt with two crystal blue eyes. He can produce those loud colors for you, he has overo genes with a bald face, and he is homozygous for tobiano! He should mature at only 30", he'll be a size reducer as well, he's got everything! We can do a package deal with him and one of our gorgeous fillies ! $2900.

This little beauty was sold before she was even born! We will have more kittens available in late Spring 06.


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